• Unfortunately, we are temporarily suspending our In-Home Training services until further notice.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • In Home Training

    Focused on helping to identify and correct common at-home triggers
    • Prior to your session, free consult over phone/email to identify two or three most important behaviors you would like to address.  Dogs have a short attention span, so we will change it up during the hour to keep them interested and focused.
    • We will schedule a time that works for everyone's schedule based on availability.
    • All of the family members are encouraged to participate so that everyone is on the same page.
    • Not every dog learns the same way.  We may try various tactics to find the right option that works for both you and your dog.
    • Common at-home behaviors range from digging, jumping, "stranger danger", raiding the trash, counter surfing, barking, pulling on the leash, to just learning basic obedience commands.  We will work together to achieve the results you're looking for.
    • 1 hour sessions; usually range from 1-3 repeat sessions.  It's your decision to continue with additional sessions.
    •  Practice these learned techniques at home and gauge the progress before scheduling additional sessions.
    • If your dog is highly food motivated, have their kibble or "special" small treats on-hand to use during our session.
    • In-Home Training
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